A historical account by a former NSA Mideast Analyst.

Revealing: NSA’s Secret Jew Room’s Yom Kippur Treachery


Former National Security Agency (NSA) Mideast analyst Bruce Brill knew days in advance of Syrian and Egyptian plans to invade Israel on Yom Kippur 1973. Yet, General Eli Zeira, Israel’s Director of Military Intelligence, confided in Brill that Zeira’s American Intel partners assured him the Arabs would NOT attack Israel. From the moment Brill heard this disturbing revelation, he began a mission to unravel the deception that resulted in the unnecessary deaths of over 2,600 Israelis. The vital intelligence, Brill discovered, was purposely corrupted in secret NSA chambers called The Jew Room.

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The Israeli Agranat Commission which investigated the intelligence foul-up of the 1973 Yom Kippur War Surprise “did not touch on American intelligence influence” said Professor Yaakov Hisdai who was an Agranat Commission investigator. This means that the still classified sections of the commission’s report are unlikely to disclose the real truth behind the costly foul-up.

Unraveling this truth required someone:

* who worked in the inner sancta of the American intelligence community at the time

* whose work targeted the Middle East

* who learned of secret rooms within NSA that were off-limits to Jews

* who heard directly from Israel’s Director of Military Intelligence, General Eli Zeira, that his decision to ignore the clear and worrisome signs provided by his own Israeli intelligence collectors in favor of the American assessment he received that the Arabs would NOT attack.

The moment I learned the heads of the American intelligence community testified falsely –under oath– to the Pike Congressional Investigation Committee in 1975, I was ignited to seek the truth why they lied. What was the lie and why was it so difficult to uncover?
These intriguing details are revealed on the pages of my forthcoming book.


  • John Loftus, author of The Secret War Against the Jews: Bruce Brill is Henry Kissinger’s worst nightmare: an honest man inside the NSA. He tells the secret story of how Israel was lulled into unpreparedness for the Arab sneak attack that almost destroyed the Jewish state in 1973.
  • Brigadier General Cameron Crawford (Ret), U.S. Army:  This is a most interesting story and one that needs to be told not only for historical purposes but also for the future, as you articulate so well.
  • Former MK Dr. Einat Wilf:  Indeed important and valuable information which I am sure will be widely and eagerly discussed once published. …Your findings … will be very valuable for understanding US-Israel relations as well as Jewish American identities.
  • Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi of Poland: You have the talent to engage the reader to want to read more. Great work.
  • Steve Rodan, Arabist, award-winning journalist and author. The 1973 Arab-Israeli war marks one of the most disturbing chapters in Jewish history. Bruce Brill lived through this as an analyst in Washington and later spent decades researching key questions. His answers are illuminating and his questions are vital.
  • Dr. Beni Michaelson, Past Director of the IDF Archives, These disclosures shed new light on the issue.
  • Nitay Netzer, Fauda, If this is true, it’s earthshaking.
  • Aviram Barkai, Yom Kippur War author: “Bruce Brill, a serious investigator”
  • Dr. Michael Oren, Past Israeli Ambassador to the United States: Bruce Brill has written an engaging and important memoir about his time in the NSA’s intelligence unit dealing with Israel and the Middle East. His account of how the United States kept Israel in the dark about the impending Egyptian and Syrian invasion of October 1973 represents a crucial addition to our study of the Yom Kippur War.
  • Yaron Zilberman, Director, Valley of Tears, Definitely intriguing and illuminates an important point on the question of the surprise and responsibility of AMAN.
  • Professor Eyal Zisser, TAU Deputy Director: I read [your] manuscript very carefully, and with especial interest. I must admit that it revealed unique, and certainly unfamiliar angles of events that underlie the failure of the Yom Kippur War. It also has first-hand evidence –unique and important– of the way (components of) the American intelligence community treat[ed] Israel.
    Your book presents a completely different argument from a different direction [than the common understandings], and this is the unique thing about your research.
    I must admit that I read the book eagerly without pause. It is well written and … clear in presenting your arguments to the reader.
  • Rabbi Moshe Averick’s children, A captivating manuscript. Not only a fascinating autobiography and sensational glimpse into the concealed darker side of the NSA, it captures the author’s discovery of his own calling to his life’s mission. Rabbi Moshe Averick, z”l, taught that each individual is put on this earth for a unique purpose, that only he or she is qualified  –and indeed obligated—to fulfill. Mr. Brill presents the truth of anti-semitism that lurks in the highest places, a specific truth that only he could reveal through his extraordinary experiences. Historical, and timely.
  • International House for Cultural Investments, Cairo, Egypt: It is a book that will bring value to those who read it.